вторник, 10 июня 2008 г.

Titanic top

Togetherness goes only so far, as five American women ice hockey players at the Winter Olympic Games have found. They helped to win the gold for the US, but their pictures won't appear with the rest of the team on new boxes of Wheaties cereal. They're still students, and rules forbid college athletes' names or likenesses from being used for financial gain.

Speaking of likenesses, remember Lyuben Kovachev, the Bulgarian businessman cited in this space last week who bears a strong resemblance to Saddam Hussein? Iraq's leaders turned down his offer to serve in their new self-defense force. But perhaps they have another use in mind for him.

Another Milepost at the Box Office for 'Titanic' For the 10th weekend in a row, "Titanic" led all other films at box offices across the US and Canada Feb. 20-22, becoming the No. 2 moneymaker in industry history. Its gross revenues to date - $402.5 million - pushed ahead of "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and now trail only the $461 million earned by "Star Wars." Last weekend's top 10 films and their estimated grosses (in millions of dollars):

1. "Titanic" $21.0 2. "The Wedding Singer" 12.2 3. "Sphere" 7.7 4. "Good Will Hunting" 6.5 5. "Senseless" 5.3 6. "As Good As It Gets" 4.6 7. "The Borrowers" 4.0 8. "Palmetto" 2.9 9. "The Apostle" 2.4 10. "L.A. Confidential" 2.3

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